• Using The Best Tools

    It is a question every parent and property owner must tackle head on: What happens if I am suddenly taken away or incapacitated? An experienced, skilled estate planning attorney can help you answer that question with a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your needs.

    A plan protecting your family's future and your own peace of mind will often include more than one of the following legal tools:

    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Health Care Directives

    For those who have substantial financial assets such as business holdings, an extensive stock portfolio or significant real estate ownership, a complex estate plan helps you perpetuate and pass on your wealth by minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing asset protection.

    I also have substantial experience working with clients facing international and LGBT estate planning matters. These issues can be especially complex, and it is vital that to have an attorney on your side who can navigate the legal processes to achieve your objectives.

    A Guiding Hand In Estate and Trust Administration

    The innumerable details of estate administration can be overwhelming. In a difficult time, a lawyer dedicated to getting you through the probate process can make all the difference. With skilled legal counsel at your side, you can likewise tackle the daunting task of trust administration, enabling you to effectively manage finances and meet your responsibilities as trustee.

  • Planning The Protection Of Your Family

    A Bay Area Estate Planning Attorney For Your Family's Tomorrow

    Everyone should have an estate plan, whether you have a family, a home, a business or substantial assets. Because the plans protect what you have today and earn tomorrow, they provide security to your loved ones. They can also provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your wishes are carried out in the event of your death or incapacitation.

    I am estate planning attorney Hee Sun Kim. My San Francisco, California, law firm is dedicated to helping you fully understand the many estate planning choices available, providing you informed counsel throughout the process and then crafting a detailed plan that helps you secure the future for those you love.

    I serve people from all walks of life, including individuals and families with unique estate planning needs. My law firm is an excellent resource for members of the LGBT community, as well as families with international estate planning needs.

    Protection Is Better Than Prediction

    We cannot know what tomorrow will bring, so our best alternative to predicting the future is protecting the future. For many people, that means creating a thoughtful, thorough will that effectively transfers your wealth as you want it passed onto the next generation.

    For those with more complex asset or family structures, there are several varieties of trusts to consider. A lawyer's task in these situations is to help you understand the various trusts without overwhelming you with detail. I will listen carefully to understand your circumstances so that I can give you counsel as needed in your decision-making process.

    Together, we will create an estate plan to fit you, your needs and your family.

    Because a health care directive designating power of attorney is often an essential part of any comprehensive estate plan, I help clients create binding legal documents that take care of the details in the event of incapacitation.

    With a carefully constructed health care directive, you will be cared for as you desire if you cannot care for yourself.

    Contact The Law Offices Of Hee Sun Kim

    Call my Bay Area office at 800-672-0104 to set up an appointment or complete the online form to get started.

    I assist with your typical nuclear families with young children and start ups or other business interests, and I also handle more complicated estates including international trustees, beneficiaries, or assets and LGBT estate planning matters.

  • Enabling You To Carry Out Your Duties

    An Experienced Bay Area Estate And Trust Administration Attorney

    When a person dies, his or her estate must be taken care of. If you have been named executor in a will, you might well find yourself having to grapple with gathering together the decedent's assets and paying off his or her debts, even as you struggle to come to terms with the person's passing. It can be a situation packed with emotion. At the same time, you need to work with someone who understands the details of estate administration.

    For many, the first step in the process is to speak with me, Hee Sun Kim, an experienced estate and trust administration attorney. My San Francisco, California, practice helps clients efficiently and effectively carry out their fiduciary duties.

    Tackling The Tasks

    Identifying, assessing and gathering assets and then paying bills and settling debts are all part of estate administration. Your duties will also include handling estate taxes and taking care of the timely transfer of estate assets. These can be daunting tasks without an experienced lawyer at your side to manage assets, complete paperwork and meet deadlines.

    Living Up To The Trust Placed In You

    If you have been named trustee, you undoubtedly earned the respect of a valued person in your life. You are charged with caring for the assets in the trust as if they were your own. If the assets are of high value, the burden placed on you in trust administration can be significant.

    I help my clients live up to the trust placed in them by providing valued counsel and precise, professional attention to the intricate details of trust administration.

    Contact The Law Offices Of Hee Sun Kim

    Let's talk about your situation. Call my Bay Area office at 800-672-0104 or complete my online form to get started.

    I assist with your typical nuclear families with young children and start ups or other business interests, and I also handle more complicated estates including international trustees, beneficiaries, or assets and LGBT estate planning matters.

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